Our company is build around the 4 Ps: Publishing, Partnership, Public Relation, and People. Because of that we regard ourselves as a services provider rather than a typical publishing house.

Of course we do offer the full service, but currently, we only close royalty based contract.

We are currently developing a service through which third parties can sponsor specific books. These sponsors pledge a monthly amount of money, or a one time payment, to support indie authors who apply for sponsorship. The sponsors can decide wether they support our service in general or wish to support a specific author.

Full Publishing

From concept, to editing, to cover design and marketing, We've got you covered.


Simple proofreading or full on professional editing including concept, character development and so much more.


We can help you set up the right marketing strategy for your book, your series, or you as an author.

Public Relations

You need someone professional to take care of how the world perceives you, including your Webpage and social media.

Personal Assistant

You need someone to organize your schedule, book events for you, or simply post in your name? We've got someone for you.

Cover & Graphic Design

No matter if for an ebook or a paperback print, we can provide oyu with a cover you can afford.

German Translation

You'd like to gain access to a larger market? Ever thought about publishing in German. We're here for you!


The best marketing is great reviews, which draw the attention of readers who will love your book. We provide you with those Reviews.

DarkSigyn publishing was founded 2014 to support an indie author's aspiration to publish an ebook and paperback to the American market. We brought our Knowledge and experience of the publishing business together and made her dream come true. With now three subbrands targeting specific sub-genres or the adult books, be now aim to Support more authors to get their books out there.