1. DON'T prepare your html code in Word and then copy+ paste it to a blog, save it at html or do anything else in word first! Word does the crappiest job at translating ANYTHING to html. It adds far too much useless code that can mess up your work if used by a blogger in so many ways.
  2. DO prepare your text at blogger! You can even save it as a draft and reuse again!
    Writing your text, adding pictures and formatting it as a blogger-text is almost as clean as directly coding it in html! No useless codes and information. You can even teach yourself coding html by looking at that wonderfully clean html code! And some of my following DON'Ts will even be obsolete.
  3. DON'T format headings by simply changing the size and bold the text or color. It will cause problems! If you still use word after my reading #1 please use at least the preset headings of word.
    DO finish formatting in a blog post and use the headings there! Better instantly use them there. Blogger uses the universal coding of <h1></h1> for "Heading" instead of defining a line height as Word does.
  4. DON'T color your text. At least try not to. Many bloggers use their own designs for their blogs which includes color coding. Not every blog has a white background on which black font looks great. Some have black background or a dark one and have preset their text fonts to be white. If you define your font color you risk that your text will not be readable and bloggers either have to invest time to make changes or they simply won't!
    DO avoid presetting font colors at all costs, instead use bold or italic/cursive text, play with headings as described at #2. Bloggers will be relieved that your provided html code will not mean additional work for them!
  5. DON'T use too original sizes in your html code. Typically the sizes are very large do make them look great but the size can mess with the whole design if too large.
    DO max size the picture width to 600 pixel or a height of 400. It will be large enough to be readable and will not mess around with any designs. Find in your html code "<img src="/..." and add after the "img" width="600px" or height="400px"
  6. DON'T put a text below a picture if it's small - like your author picture for example. It uses up far too much space when you have the chance to appear like a real professional.
    DO add to your image code (after "img"): style="float: left; margin-right: 5px;" . This beautiful code will put your picture to the left side while your description text will float along your picture like in this example:

Is this too much coding for you? No problem: we can prepare or recode your promo html codes for you! Just contact us.

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