Getting ratings and reviews is tough and frustrating, especially if you are new to the whole idea of self-publishing and self-promoting. Being independent often means: being on your own.
It is absolutely tempting to just go and write a review for your own book - which can be absolutely helpful - and of course it's tempting to move and make that little click on the five star icon. After all you're proud of your work and wouldn't have published it if you didn't believe it was an amazing read, right?
This little deed however is a choice some authors already have bitterly paid for. How often have we stumbled across books that have a bad rating on Goodreads with close to no reviews? How often have we noticed that the author gave her/himself 5 stars and shortly after suddenly low ratings are posted without any explanation?
[names and pictures erased for anonymity]

We have witnessed authors being called unprofessional... or worse.
Long story short: It might be tempting, it might seem to help you short-term to have a five star rating for your book, but readers may and will either ignore your book or even "retaliate" for no other reason than a false sense of justice. It is not worth it.
Don't rate your own work.

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